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Post by Kevin Cushing » Wed Jan 14, 2009 10:47 am

Q: What is Spider-Man: Crawl Space?

Spider-Man: Crawl Space is a series of comic scripts set in a continuity where Peter and MJ reversed their deal with Mephisto following the Amazing Spider-Man story "Kraven's First Hunt." Amazing and Crawl Space diverge completely from there, with Crawl Space telling original Spider-Man stories continuing the original continuity with Peter and MJ happily married. In short, Spider-Man: Crawl Space is the Spider-fan's monthly alternative to Brand New Day.

Q: Why is there no art?

Two reasons. First, no artist in their right mind would draw 22 pages a month for free. Nobody has that kind of free time. Second, there are legal issues with presenting a fully drawn and lettered monthly comic with copyrighted characters, even if it's totally free. So each issue has at least one cover (several also have a variant cover), but the interior is presented in script form.

Q: Why script format instead of normal fanfic short story format?

Because every format of story is inherantly different, from comics to short stories to novels to screenplays. There is some decent fan fiction to be had out there, but comics are a unique, 22 page visual medium that is not properly replicated in short story format. You cannot accurately represent the comic book experience with a short story, and I am writing a comic. I believe Spider-Man fans who want to see the original continuity continued deserve a monthly comic, and since Marvel isn't offering it I am to the best of my ability.

Q: Where should I start?

Every issue has a complete recap at the top to catch you up on everything you need to know, so you can always jump right in with the current issue. If you want the full, emersive experience from the beginning, I recommend starting with #2. The truth is, #1 was backed into a corner with having to tell the story of the reversal of the deal with Mephisto, so it is admittedly not my best work. #2 begins the real stories of Spider-Man: Crawl Space and tells you everything you need to know about #1 in the recap. You would still be fine if you wanted to start with #3, as it is part 1 of our first full arc, "Spider-Man Black." The rule of thumb is always read the recaps and you'll always know what's going on.

Q: When does it come out?

The best way to stay informed on new issues of Crawl Space is to either join the "Crawl Space Comic" usergroup on this board or join the Kevin Cushing fan page on Facebook. Members of the usergroup will receive an email when a new issue goes online or if there is any other important news, and fans on Facebook will get frequent status updates relating to issue progress and new issues being released. As for schedule, I have decided to end the monthly deadlines I had placed on myself. This is something I do in my spare time where I have it, and I can't always keep it strictly monthly - real life gets in the way when you're not getting paid. I will endeavor to keep it as close to monthly as possible, but with no announced release dates. Short of constantly visiting this forum to check, joining the usergroup or the fan page are the best ways to find out about new issues.

Q: Will the story of Harry Osborn's time away ever be told?

Yes, absolutely. Spider-Man: Crawl Space Annual #1 will be released between #12 and 13 with a lead story titled "Birth of the Goblin King" that will fill in Harry Osborn's 'lost years.'

If you have any questions or comments relating to a specific issue, each one has its own discussion thread. If you have any general comments, please visit the General Discussion Thread here. For any questions that may be FAQ-worthy, just post them in this thread. Thanks for reading!

Spider-Man: Crawl Space #1 - New Ways To Live
Spider-Man: Crawl Space #2 - The Goblin King
Spider-Man: Crawl Space #2.5 - Valentine's Day Special
Spider-Man: Crawl Space #3 - Spider-Man Black Part 1
Spider-Man: Crawl Space #4 - Spider-Man Black Part 2
Spider-Man: Crawl Space #5 - Spider-Man Black Part 3
Spider-Man: Crawl Space #6 - Spider-Man Black Part 4
Spider-Man: Crawl Space #7 - Spider-Man Black Part 5
Spider-Man: Crawl Space #8 - Spider-Man Black Part 6
Spider-Man: Crawl Space #9 - One in a Million Part 1
Spider-Man: Crawl Space #10 - One in a Million Part 2
Spider-Man: Crawl Space #11 - One in a Million Part 3
Spider-Man: Crawl Space #12 - Return of the Scarlet Spider
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