Spider-Man: Crawl Space #3 - Spider-Man Black Part 1

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Spider-Man: Crawl Space #3 - Spider-Man Black Part 1

Post by Kevin Cushing » Tue Nov 18, 2008 12:03 am

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Spider-Man: Crawl Space #3
“Spider-Man Black Part 1: The Last Will and Testament of the Green Goblin”
By Kevin Cushing
Faceless Man Cover by Ted Brandt and Brandon DP
Green Goblin Cover by Scott J. Larson

Previously in Spider-Man: Crawl Space - Peter and Mary Jane Parker beat Mephisto and managed to restore the world as it should be (minus Peter’s public unmasking), but there was a price. Two people besides them still know everything about the world as it was when affected by the deal with Mephisto. One of these is Harry Osborn, who has secretly been plotting behind the scenes since his supposed death. The other has yet to be revealed. Last issue Harry made his presence known to his father, Norman Osborn aka The Green Goblin, revealing much greater power given to him by the Goblin Formula, killing his father, and declaring himself The Goblin King. Meanwhile, an assassin named Killshot is awaiting trial, having killed Peter’s Aunt May. When Peter confronted him after the shooting, he said he had been hired by a man with no face who made mention of an employer even above him. Nothing is yet known of either of these two…


Panel 1: A female TV news anchor stares into the camera with a mock-somber look on her face and an image of Norman Osborn beside her head on the left hand side.
The country is in mourning today, after billionaire industrialist Norman Osborn has been found dead in his New York home.

Panel 2: Pulling back a bit, we see the outline of the TV around the woman, and the reflections of Peter and Mary Jane Parker in the glass. They are sitting on the edge of their bed, still in their bed clothes, having just woken up.
Norman Osborn, the Chairman and CEO of multinational Oscorp, had recently received a government pardon for his activities as the supercriminal known as The Green Goblin, and was serving as the leader of the Thunderbolts, a government run team of former criminals tasked with the capture of unregistered superheroes.

Panel 3: Same.
The FBI is asking anyone with any information regarding Norman Osborn’s mystery killer to contact them, as there are apparently no leads in this heinous crime.


Panel 1: Focus on MJ and Peter as they look at each other incredulously.
TV (op):
Tune in tonight at 9 for our special presentation, “Norman Osborn: Portrait of an American Hero.”

Panel 2: Peter and MJ have both fallen back on the bed, staring up the ceiling with overwhelmed looks on their faces.
God, Peter, can you believe it?
It’s really over.

Panel 3: Peter is reaching for the ringing phone at the bedside.
Guess that all depends on who killed him, doesn’t it?

Panel 4: Peter, still lying down, has the phone to his ear.
Is this Peter Parker?
I’m not even registered under that name, how did you know where to find me?

Panel 5: Peter has an eyebrow raised.
Yes, “Mr. and Mrs. Ben Reilly,” very funny.
The name was in our records as a possible alias.
Mr. Parker, I represent the estate of Norman Osborn

Panel 6: Peter lays there with a shocked look on his face.
I’m calling to request your presence tonight at the reading of the Will.
And trust me, you’ll want to be there for this.


Panel 1: Int. Establishing shot in the receiving area of a county lock up. There is a woman in uniform sitting behind a large desk, and a man in a suit with a briefcase walking up to it. To the right of the desk is a large metal door leading back to the cells.
Pretrial Holding Facility

Panel 2: The man, Lester, is up to the desk signing in the log.
Hi, I’m Lester Briggs.
I have an appointment to see my client, Killshot.

Panel 3: Lester is laying down the pen.
Go on back, I’ll buzz you in.

Panel 4: Lester is almost up to the large door, looking back at the woman who has her hand under her desk on the button.
Thanks, this shouldn’t take long.

Panel 5: Close up panel of Lester’s hand on the door handle with it halfway open.


Panel 1: Tight panel on the front doors from the inside as they’re bursting open forcefully.
He makes no effort to cover his entrance, because he knows there’s nothing anyone can do to stop him.

Panel 2: Close on the woman at the desk, with a knife having just flown into her heart, grasping at it in pain.
He goes for the quick kill, but make no mistake, he savors every moment.

Panel 3: Close on Lester, standing in the door to the cells with it all the way open to his side, a knife plunging in his heart as well.
Every wound he inflicts is another strike towards knowledge.

Panel 4: Close on a pair of black-booted feet running across the reception area.
To others, he is fear of the unknown embodied and emboldened.

Panel 5: Close on a pair of black-gloved hands from inside the door moving Lester’s still-dying body into the doorway as a door prop.
Every move is calculated, for every action must be perfect.

Panel 6: Close from behind on a pair of legs in black tactical gear walking down the hallway lined with cells.
Every assignment brings him closer to himself.


Panel 1: Focus on Killshot’s cell, with Killshot rising from where he was sitting on the edge of his cot. His expression is one of fear.
For even he knows not who he really is.

Panel 2: From behind, we see the man dressed all in black tactical gear standing in front of Killshot’s cell, as Killshot is fully standing to face him.
But if his work is good, his employer has promised his identity as the prize.

Panel 3: Finally we see the man from the front. It is The Faceless Man. Dressed all in black tactical gear and heavily armed with knives and guns, the skin of his face has been removed leaving only muscle and bone, with a very rigid outline indicating this was no surgical procedure. As we can see the outline of his skull through the muscle, he has a permanent, ominous looking smile.
For now, even to himself, he is known only as THE FACELESS MAN.

Panel 4: The Faceless Man has a pistol raised, aiming at Killshot’s face. Killshot pleads for his life.
Come on man, please, I did what you asked.
Who asked you to talk to Peter Parker?

Panel 5: Killshot is falling backwards, having been shot right between the eyes. The gun and Killshot’s forehead are still smoking.

Panel 6: Close on the Faceless Man’s upper body, holding the gun by his head.
Heh, kill shot.


Panel 1: Int. Peter Parker is standing by the bathroom in a semi-upscale restaurant, wearing a button up shirt and sport coat but no tie. He is talking on his cell phone with a serious look on his face.
It’s been over a week, don’t you have any leads?
Guy’s some kinda ghost far as I know.
I mean a guy without a face should stand out some.

Panel 2: Peter lets a little despair show through on his face.
Look, when you came to me, when it happened, I told you I’d find the guy.
I will.
Don’t worry; I don’t take killin’ a hero’s family lightly.
You just go back to your wife and keep playin’ the good soldier boy.
Nothin’ makes a killer sloppier than if he thinks you’re not lookin’ for him.
I’ll find him, and when I do I’ll make sure to save a piece for ya.
I’m holding you to that.

Panel 3: Peter is walking across the restaurant while closing his cell phone, moving it toward his pocket.

Panel 4: He is right behind his chair now at a table for four. To his side is Mary Jane, and across the table are Flash Thompson and Carlie Cooper. They all look happy. Carlie, across from Peter, is concentrated on her soup, while Flash, across from MJ, has his hand on the back of her chair, not quite daring to move it any further. He is smooth about it, though. MJ just looks up at Peter.
Has Flash finished his old football stories yet? ‘Cause I can always go back to the bathroom…

Panel 5: As Peter is sitting, a napkin that Flash has just thrown hits him in the chest. They are all laughing.


Panel 1: Peter is fully sitting, holding the napkin, and pointing at Flash.
I hear one “Puny Parker” outta you and I’m telling Carlie about the Spider-Man plushie you sleep with, buster!

Panel 2: Carlie looks directly at Peter with smile. Flash is leaned back behind her so she can’t see him with a semi-frightened look on his face, holding his finger up to his mouth in a “shh” motion at Peter.
Flash Thompson and a plushie? Kind of cute, but somehow I doubt it.

Panel 3: MJ is leaned over whispering in Peter’s ear, and we can see Flash and Carlie chatting across from them.
Honey, I think the point of a double date is for us to help Flash charm Carlie.

Panel 4: Peter is now whispering in MJ’s ear with a sly smile on his face.
Well I think they’d have no other choice but to talk to each other if we were making out over here, don’t you?

Panel 5: MJ looks down smiling, as Peter stares at her with a loving look on his face. They’re still very close and whispering, but neither is at the other’s ear anymore.
Easy there Tiger, we’ll be back to the hotel soon enough.
Oh I’d disagree with you on “soon enough.”


Panel 1: Flash breaks into their conversation, and the two have turned to look at him.
Hey newly re-weds, do I have to throw another napkin to bring you out of your bubble?
Because I think it would be impolite to steal Carlie’s…

Panel 2: Carlie, spoon still in hand, speaks directly to the couple. Peter has his arm behind MJ’s back now.
So am I correct in thinking that neither of you have jobs now? That must be nice. Wish we could all coast on movie money.

Panel 3: Focus on Peter and MJ.
Well, I got enough off my last movie to give us a good comfortable time for a little while, but we both need to find something before long.
It is nice not to have the pressure to move onto the next thing while we’re on honeymoon, though.

Panel 4: View from the side of the table, with Flash and MJ closest to us.
Not much of a honeymoon staying in the city, though, is it?
Oh I’ve been away from this city too long. I missed it a lot.
And I’ve missed little things like having dinner with good friends for even longer.
It feels like our lives have just been one big event after another with no time to breathe for the past few years.

Panel 5: View from the other side of the table, with Carlie and Peter closest to us.
We did the big honeymoon in France the first time around.
We decided the best gift we could give ourselves was to take some time to get reacquainted with our lives before we both started thinking about new jobs.

Panel 6: Flash has hold of his wine glass, and the other three are going for theirs.
Ok, everybody raise a glass. A toast!

Panel 7: Small, tight panel of the 4 glasses clinking in the air.
FLASH (op):
To spending time with the people we care about. And as I heard in a movie once—


Panel 1: Ext. Night. Establishing shot of a seedy looking little storefront for a taxidermist.
“—Champagne for my real friends, and real pain for my sham friends.”

Panel 2: Int. Inside the dark little taxidermist office we see the owner, a greasy little man, behind the counter and Harry Osborn in a long black trench coat on the other side of it turned away from us. The taxidermist is red faced and freaked out. We also see Norman’s head on the counter.
Are you %&$^*%& serious?!

Panel 3: Closer on the two, Harry has turned his face to the taxidermist with a glare.
I was told you were discreet in matters like these.

Panel 4: The taxidermist is completely exasperated and raving.
I am both discreet and experienced in the off beat needs of my clients, but this is Norman Osborn’s $&%^#!% HEAD!

Panel 5: Close on Harry’s face, totally calm.
He was my father and I’m not losing my composure. Calm yourself.
I’m leaving the country for a few days and I want this ready for me when I get back.

Panel 6: Close on Harry’s body from the waist up as he leans over the counter. There is fire in his eyes, literally.
Are you going to disappoint me?


Panel 1: Ext. Night. Harry stands out in front of the little taxidermy shop with his hand in his pocket. His face is expressionless.

Panel 2: Harry is pulling a plane ticket from his pocket.

Panel 3: Close on the plane ticket, indicating a flight to Paris, France.

Panel 4: View of Harry from the side looking at the ticket.
You’re not even a true Osborn, Gabriel. What made you think you could call yourself a Goblin and get away with it?

Panel 5: Diagonal view from the back and side of Harry walking away, shoving the ticket back in his pocket.
Osborn family reunions always were rough…


Panel 1: Int. The Women’s restroom at the restaurant. MJ and Carlie are standing in front of the mirror touching up their make up. We see their reflections talking to each other.
So? How’s the date going?

Panel 2: Carlie has put her make up down, and is looking at MJ’s reflection. MJ continues to beautify.
Oh, Flash is a nice guy…
I smell a ‘but.’

Panel 3: Carlie’s eyebrows are raised, and MJ has a comically sour look on her face.
Oh, I mean, not like in a bad-smell-in-the-bathroom kinda way.
Unintentional puns suck…

Panel 4: MJ’s face is sympathetic, and Carlie’s is almost apologetic.
Seriously, though.
Oh I don’t know. I guess I just look across the table at how happy and in love you and Peter are and I just want that.
I think I’ve lost my taste for the dating process.
I just wanna know who’s right and fast forward to cuddling on the couch under a blanket in front of a movie on a cold night.

Panel 5: MJ’s hand is on Carlie’s shoulder in a kind of sisterly gesture.
I know what you mean, honey.
And trust me, Peter and I’ve had our speed bumps.
Just take it as it goes and try to have fun along the way.
It’ll fall into place or it won’t. Don’t put pressure on yourself to force this one to be the right one.

Panel 6: MJ and Carlie are at the door, pushing it open. They are both smiling.
And enjoy every free dinner you can get.


Panel 1: Ext. Night. Tight panel of the front doors of the restaurant opening. Peter and Flash are pushing the doors open with MJ and Carlie between them. They are all laughing.
Oh you two have got to box again. I will not die happy if I missed the only time!

Panel 2: The four are fully out the door, and the two couples are standing opposite each other, smiling.
Ok Flash, what do you say we do it again for charity once we’re both rich and famous?

Panel 3: Peter has his arm around MJ. Everything else is the same.
Well guys it’s been fun, but the lady and I have to get going.
Oh yeah, I’m sure you have some very important business to take care of.

Panel 4: Carlie playfully smacks Flash’s shoulder. Peter speaks quietly to himself and MJ.
You’d be surprised.

Panel 5: The two couples are starting to part. Peter waves.
Goodnight guys, let’s do this again soon.


Panel 1: We see Peter and MJ from the front walking away down the sidewalk. Behind them we see Flash and Carlie’s backs walking the other way.
So what do ya say we skip this next appointment and go straight to the honeymooning festivities?
Peter, we talked about this. If Norman left a surprise for you, it’s best to know what it is before it comes.

Panel 2: Peter has a fake smile on.
But - but – honeymooning festivities.

Panel 3: They’ve both turned to face each other seriously.
Peter –
I’m scared.

Panel 4: Peter hangs his head with a somber face. MJ has reached out and taken his hand, still hanging at his side.
Norman Osborn is the most evil man I’ve ever known.
And he knew who I was.

Panel 5: He looks to the side, holding up and squeezing MJ’s hand.
What if he got a bunch of people into one room for the reading of his Will just to have my identity read out loud?


Panel 1: Same, but MJ has taken his other hand as well.
I mean in life he had this twisted code about our identities, but if he was writing his Will he probably assumed he’d died in battle with me!

Panel 2: Close on Peter and MJ’s faces. MJ has both hands on Peter’s cheeks. Peter rests one cheek in her hand with his eyes closed, taking in her tenderness.

Panel 3: Same, but Peter’s eyes are open.
Peter, honey, there’s always danger.
And there always will be.
We walk into it together with eyes wide open.

Panel 4: MJ has brought her hands down into a “V” with her palms touching and only her fingers on Peter’s face.
Flash was put in a coma and lost his memory.
You thought I died.
You did die.
Your identity was revealed to the world and we went on the run.
And we were broken up by the devil.

Panel 5: MJ has her arms extended out pointing at the restaurant. She smiles.
And look where we are!
We just had a very nice dinner together as four friends out on the town.

Panel 6: MJ has her hand on Peter’s chest.
Whatever that dead old bastard wants to throw at you, he’s got nothing that can take us down.

Panel 7: Small tight panel on MJ’s face with a playful smirk.
Besides, I invited a friend to join us just in case.


Panel 1: Int. A lawyer’s conference room, we are looking at the door from the inside. In the center, having just walked in the door, is Matt Murdock with his hand extended to shake. Peter and MJ stand just behind him, to either side.
Matt Murdock, I’m Peter Parker’s attorney.
I’ll be here to make sure Mr. Parker’s interests are seen to.

Panel 2: We focus on Peter and MJ walking into the room with the back half of Matt still visible at the left edge of the panel walking in front of them. Peter whispers to MJ.
Is this everyone?
I really, really love you.

Panel 3: Wider shot of the room. Matt is taking a seat to the head of the table’s right. Norman Osborn’s attorney, Mr. Deodato, is standing to his left shaking Peter’s hand, and MJ is behind Peter. Donald Menken is seated on the opposite side of the table; he is the only other person present.
Mr. Parker, it’s a pleasure to meet you. My name is Deodato, we spoke on the phone.
Please, have a seat.

Panel 4: All are taking their seats, with Mr. Deodato at the head of the table.
Kind of a shabby turnout here, Mr. Deodato.
You schedule this opposite Dancing with the Stars or something?

Panel 5: All are seated, and Mr. Deodato holds a paper in his hand.
Ha, no Mr. Parker.
All the invitees are in attendance.


Panel 1: Tight on Peter and MJ from behind as Peter turns to whisper to MJ.
Ok, scratch the revealing my identity theory.

Panel 2: New angle on the table as Mr. Deodato addresses all assembled.
Ok, this should be quick so let’s get started.

Panel 3: In Deodato’s chair we now see a ghostly image of Norman Osborn reading his own Will. The coloring around him in the panel is surrealistic to indicate this is not real.
--Norman Osborn, being of sound mind, do declare this to be my last will and testament.
I hereby leave all my earthly possessions, including my controlling share in Oscorp and all its subsidiaries, to Peter Parker.
As current Chairman and CEO, I declare Peter Parker my successor and imbue him with all the privileges and responsibilities inherent in the position.

Panel 4: Tight shot on Donald Menken. His expression is blank.
NORMAN (op):
Donald Menken is hereby appointed Vice President and Chief Advisor to Mr. Parker, and his former salary is reinstated.

Panel 5: Focusing again on Deodato’s chair, we now see the Green Goblin with the Will in his hands looking out (at Peter, off panel) with a big, evil grin.
Please accept this token of my admiration, Peter.
You have finally proven yourself the better man, and you are now ready to step into my shoes.


Panel 1: Matt Murdock, Peter Parker, and Mary Jane all sit shocked with their mouths hanging open.

Panel 2: Mr. Deodato is back in his chair now, smiling.
Mr. Parker?
Isn’t that wonderful news?

Panel 3: Focus on Peter, looking so uncomfortable he could almost bolt at any second.
I – I – um – can I think about this?

Panel 4: Mr. Deodato is rising from his seat.
The Will specifies no time limit for accepting, but if you wait too long the board members will move against you.

Panel 5: Tight on Peter’s lost and confounded face.
Oscorp needs its leader.


Panel 1: Full page. Ext. Night. Iconic hero shot of Spider-Man swinging over the rooftops.
Couldn’t he have just shot me in the gut?
Stabbed me in the back?
Kicked me in the nic nacs?
Why’d he have to leave me his freaking company?
His freaking life?


Panel 1: Spidey swinging, new position.
I can accept and be the new owner of the Green Goblin’s life.

Panel 2: New position.
Or I can decline and turn down millions or maybe billions of dollars and ownership of a company I might be able to do some good with.

Panel 3: New position.
What the heck do I even know about running a company?
I mean I think I can be pretty sure Norman didn’t leave me an advisor I could actually trust.

Panel 4: New position.
There’s another thing. With that Menken character as part of the deal I’d have to be constantly looking over my shoulder.
No telling what Norman’s told him about me or what instructions he might have left.

Panel 5: Slim panel across the bottom of the page. Spidey, from behind, is sticking to the side of a building on the left side of the panel, and in the rest of the panel we see Oscorp sprawled out in front of him.
What the heck am I gonna do?


Panel 1: Int. An underground cave tunnel. We see the Faceless Man walking toward the right of the panel.

Panel 2: The Faceless Man has just stepped out from the tunnel into an open cavern. We see him from the side, because the other end of this “room” is not yet visible.
The loose end has been tied up.
And someone already took care of Norman Osborn for us.

Panel 3: The Faceless Man is still walking forward.
There is only one thing the Faceless Man fears, and it is the same thing everyone else fears about him.
The unknown.

Panel 4: The Faceless man is kneeling down onto one knee.
Good, I have no desire to get my hands dirty on details if I don’t have to.

Panel 5: The Faceless Man is fully down on one knee, facing the ground, in front of someone we can’t yet see.
The Faceless Man is as in the dark about his employer’s identity as he is about his own.


Panel 1: Full page. We see the Faceless Man kneeling from behind. Above his head we see a man seated in a raised chair made of stone, very much like a throne. The man is wearing a black Spider-Man costume. He is called the Black Spider.
He knows him only as THE BLACK SPIDER.
Now we can move on to phase two.
But I want you to handle this one yourself.
And if you do a good job, you will have finally earned the knowledge of your identity.


Panel 1: Int. Very dark panel. We can only see a bomb attached to something.
The woman who raised Peter Parker is dead.

Panel 2: Pulling back so we can see the desk that the bomb is under. We can see movement of people around the desk, but we’re still too tight on it to see where we are.
The man he focused his hate on is dead.

Panel 3: We are now pulled back enough to see that the desk is in the middle of the offices of the Daily Bugle. We see JJJ, Robbie, and Betty Brant among the many people in the newsroom.
Now we will take the place that gave him a home outside of his mask.

NEXT MONTH: Spider-Man battles the Faceless Man for the fate of the Daily Bugle! Harry Osborn arrives in Paris to kill his half-brother! And on page 22 – the Faceless Man faceless no more!

*This issue’s soundtrack: Recently I discovered a new song called “I Don’t Care” by Apocalyptica and the lead singer of Three Days Grace. I listened to it a good bit while writing the latter part of the issue, so it’s kind of tied into the feel of it for me. Some of the lyrics definitely don’t match up, but some of it could really relate to the feelings of Peter and MJ about Norman’s ghost. Or maybe that’s just my head fitting the song to the material, I tend to do that sometimes. Either way, give it a listen, it’s a really great song. See you next month!


And don’t forget to stop by the discussion thread and let me know what you thought!

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