Spider-Man: Crawl Space #2 - The Goblin King

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Spider-Man: Crawl Space #2 - The Goblin King

Post by Kevin Cushing » Fri Oct 17, 2008 11:00 pm

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Standard Cover
Goblin King Variant

Spider-Man: Crawl Space #2
“The Goblin King”
By Kevin Cushing
Excerpt by David Michelinie
Standard Cover by Ted Brandt and Brandon DP
Goblin King Variant by Scott J. Larson

Previously in Spider-Man: Crawl Space: When May Parker was gunned down in the street by a hired assassin named Killshot, Peter and Mary Jane began a quest to reverse the deal they had made with Mephisto that had erased their marriage from history. The pair faced down Peter’s roommate, Vin Gonzales, now bonded to the demonic Death Rider, and were ultimately successful in breaking Mephisto’s power with the help of Loki, Norse God of Mischief. Now the world has returned to its former state, but with Spider-Man’s public unmasking having never taken place. Only those who found out his identity in another way still know that Peter Parker is Spider-Man. But before disappearing, Loki warned that two people still remember everything exactly as it was when the Parkers changed history. One of these is Harry Osborn, long thought dead after being poisoned by an experimental goblin formula…


Panel 1: Panels 1-5 are a series of small panels across the top of the page. We see Tony Stark sitting at his desk looking through papers with one finger on his phone.
Can someone tell me why I’m looking at an approved order for Norman Osborn to send the Thunderbolts after the Scarlet Spider?

Panel 2: Tony is looking around in disbelief.
Isn’t the Scarlet Spider dead?

Panel 3: Tony’s head is turned the other way.
Didn’t Spider-Man say Norman Osborn killed him?

Panel 4: Tony is talking directly to the phone.
Is anybody making sure Norman’s nanites aren’t interfering with his meds?

Panel 5: Tony looks somewhat dumbfounded.
And why isn’t he going after Spider-Man yet?

Panel 6: Small inset in panel 7. We see Spider-Man’s legs about to make contact with Tony’s desk as he jumps down onto it.

Panel 7: Large panel, about 2/3 of the page. Spider-Man is crouched on top of Tony’s desk as Tony sits back in surprise, his hand off the phone button.
Tony. We need to talk.
If I knew you’d appear if I said your name, I would have done it much sooner.


Panel 1: Tony has gathered himself and leaned forward.
I’m going to my aunt’s funeral today.
Tomorrow I’m renewing my wedding vows with my wife.
I don’t want cape killers showing up at either.
Are you threatening - ?

Panel 2: Angle on Spider-Man as he hangs his head.
I don’t want to run again.
I just want to live my life with MJ and help people as Spider-Man.
I want to make a deal.

Panel 3: Tony’s face is sympathetic, almost happy.
Peter, you fought against the Hulk with us.
I’ll still extend you the amnesty I offered for that if you register.
I need more than that.

Panel 4: Spider-Man has gotten closer to Tony, not pleading his case but firmly laying out how things will be.
I think we can both agree that Tony Stark bringing in Spider-Man on the Registration Act is worth a little compromise.
I’m listening.

Panel 5: Spider-Man is holding up one finger.
I need two concessions to protect my family.
One – my name never goes into any database.
You know my name and you can share it with the president. That’s all.
That’s plenty of accountability for anybody.

Panel 6: He holds up a second finger.
Two – you only call me when the world’s ending and I would be there anyway.
I can’t be leaving my wife and my streets all the time for Initiative missions.


Panel 1: Tony extends his hand to Spider-Man.
We’re going to talk about that one in a bit more detail later, but I can’t say I don’t understand your reasons.
For now I’ll just say congratulations, Peter –

Panel 2: Close shot of Spider-Man and Tony Stark’s hands joining.
- you’re not an outlaw anymore.

Panel 3: Establishing shot in a graveyard. At the head of an open grave with a casket hanging over it next to the headstone of Ben Parker stands Peter Parker in a black trench coat, blown by the wind. To his left is Mary Jane, with a tissue to her face. Several people stand around either side of the grave, but it is a modest gathering.
“And I’m sorry to hear about your Aunt May.
She was a wonderful woman.

Panel 4: The people around the grave have turned and begun to walk away except for Peter and MJ, still in the same position.
“I know you will, but I hope you don’t blame yourself.
She lived a good life and raised a good man.

Panel 5: Peter and MJ are now alone at the head of the grave.
“And every time Spider-Man saves a life, May Parker’s spirit is alive and well and doing good in the world.”


Panel 1: Peter is knelt down in front of the casket, speaking to it.
When I was little, I didn’t understand the difference between the words ‘Aunt May’ and ‘Mommy.’

Panel 2: Peter’s head is down, crying.
Sometimes people would say something about ‘your real mom,’ and I didn’t know they weren’t talking about you.

Panel 3: He looks up, with a pained look on his face.
Then I grew into a teenager, and I began to really understand what it meant that my parents were dead. And being a teenager, I could get angsty about it sometimes.
I’d resent the fact that I didn’t have a ‘real’ mother, because teenagers always need something to be tortured about.

Panel 4: Peter begins to smile through the tears.
When I grew up, when I started to become the man you raised me to be, I finally understood what ‘real mom’ meant, and it turned out it was the same thing it meant when I was a kid.

Panel 5: He reaches out to touch the casket.
You stroked my hair and told me it was going to be alright when I was sad.
You smiled and hugged me and told me I was special when I won the smallest victory.
You taught me that thinking of others is always more worthwhile than thinking about yourself.

Panel 6: Peter is looking down, smiling big.
And you very nearly smacked me when I was having nerves about getting married.


Panel 1: Large panel of Peter leaning close in to the casket, with a sad smile.
I love you, Mom.
Give Uncle Ben a big hug for me, and be happy.

Panel 2: Peter kisses the casket.
I promise, I’ll make you proud.

Panel 3: Peter is standing, holding onto MJ’s hand.

Panel 4: MJ hugs Peter tightly, looking over his shoulder at the casket.

Panel 5: MJ has her hand to her mouth, kissing it.

Panel 6: She blows the kiss at May’s casket.


Panel 1: Establishing shot. Peter Parker’s apartment. Peter and MJ are packing things up.
Peter, do you feel like there’s sort of – a shadow hanging over this wedding? Doing it the day after the funeral and all?

Panel 2: Close in on Peter’s face, smiling big.
No, MJ.

Panel 3: Reprint of Amazing Spider-Man Annual #21 Page 23 Panel 4. Aunt May points her finger sternly at a smiling Peter, while MJ and Aunt Anna talk in the background.
Now, look here, young man! You’re a Parker! And you’ve got more gumption than anyone I know! You love that little girl, and you’ll do what’s right for her and you! And let the chips fall where they may!
Y-yes, ma’am!

Panel 4: Same as panel 2.
No, just the opposite. There’s an angel watching over it.

Panel 5: Peter has turned and is taking MJ’s hand.
Besides, I don’t want to waste another second before telling the world –

Panel 6: Peter has pulled MJ into a tight embrace, swaying in a dance. They are both smiling.
I love this girl, and I’m going to be hers for the rest of my life.

Panel 7: Their hands are still together as they both face forward in a dancing flourish.
And nothing – nothing – is ever going to tear us apart again.


Panel 1: Establishing shot from above in a little church as Peter and MJ stand in front of the alter in their wedding clothes.
“Do you remember your vows?”
“Of course, m’lady. How could I forget?”

Panel 2: Close in on the happy couple as the priest speaks.
Do you, Mary Jane Watson, take this man, Peter Parker, to be your lawfully wedded husband, to have and to hold, for richer or for poorer, in sickness and in health, to love and to cherish for as long as you both shall live?

Panel 3: MJ smiles the largest she’s ever smiled and speaks directly to Peter.
I will take this man – this very special man – to be the most important thing in my life. Because that’s exactly what I’ve already realized he is.

Panel 4: The priest turns to Peter as the couple gaze into each other’s eyes.
And do you Peter, take this woman, Mary Jane, to be your lawfully wedded wife?

Panel 5: Peter smiles and squeezes MJ’s hand as he speaks to her.
She knows better than anyone else what she’s getting into – and she still wants me! How could I possibly turn down someone like that?
I do.

Panel 6: The two continue to stare at each other, as the priest addresses the congregation.
Then by the power vested in my by the state of New York –


Panel 1: Full page. Close on Peter and MJ as they kiss each other deeply, not able to wait for the priest’s permission.
PRIEST (burst):
I now pronounce you husband and wife!!


Panel 1: Int. A very swanky looking ballroom with large windows and a scenic view of the city. Lots of people in nice clothes are milling about with champagne, and Peter and MJ are standing together by a window still in their wedding clothes.
Later, at the reception…
Are you sure we can afford this place?

Panel 2: Close on Peter and MJ, huddled with their hands together.
Peter, I know you’re used to worrying about money, but trust me.
I got paid very well for those movies I did during our ‘separation.’

Panel 3: Peter puts his arms around MJ, holding her close and smiling.
You’re not regretting going back to the simple life with Peter Parker, are you?
And since when is Peter Parker’s life simple?

Panel 4: Small shot of the couple kissing sweetly.

Panel 5: Shot of the crowd in the middle of the room, as if the camera is panning from the Parkers to the other side

Panel 6: Semi-far away view of the buffet table on the other side of the room where Carlie Cooper is standing, absent mindedly pecking over the food.


Panel 1: Closer on Carlie sampling some grapes.
What are you doing here, Carlie?
I mean, as fun as it is watching the guy you’ve been going out with getting married…

Panel 2: Carlie is looking around the room, sadly.
Pete’s married, Lily’s gone, Vin…

Panel 3: She faces upward, regret visible on her face.
God, Vin.
I should have just given him that date he was always asking for; he was so good to me.

Panel 4: She leans against the table, hanging her head.
Ah well, I guess I may as well be here.
Don’t have any friends anywhere else anyway.
MJ (off panel):
How about me?

Panel 5: MJ has come up beside Carlie, who is taken aback in surprise. MJ offers her hand.
Mary Jane Parker.


Panel 1: Large top panel. Carlie is shaking MJ’s hand, with a slightly scared look on her face.
I-I know.
You’re dropping ‘Watson’?
Peter’s the only Parker left now, and I want to devote myself completely to the two of us as one family.
I don’t need the old name to remember who I am and where I came from

Panel 2: Carlie is looking down sheepishly.
And it’s nice to meet you, too, Carlie.
Oh! Sorry, I – uh, I’m still waiting to see if you’re gonna beat me up for going out with your husband…

Panel 3: She looks up tentatively with a nervous smile on her face.
Thought about it.
But hey, I know you didn’t know he was married, and clearly I would have done the same thing.

Panel 4: The two lean back against the table behind them, looking out at the room. Carlie seems relieved.
Honestly I’m glad Peter had someone like you to be there for him while I was gone.
I worried about him less when he told me about you.
He told you about me?
What-what’d he say?

Panel 5: As MJ speaks, Carlie is looking down and away, smiling to herself.
He said you were very pretty in an effortless way that you didn’t even realize, sweet and kind to a fault, determined in everything you did, and almost as smart as him.

Panel 6: Carlie looks up with an eyebrow raised, and MJ has her arm on Carlie’s shoulder, joking with her.
I added that part myself. You have to have realistic goals, honey.


Panel 1: MJ’s hand has moved to Carlie’s shoulder in a reassuring gesture.
Really, I don’t want you to worry about it, ok?
You were there for Peter when I couldn’t be and for that I consider you a good friend of the family.

Panel 2: MJ looks down, a little ashamed.
Besides, I dated somebody while we were apart, too.
You did?!

Panel 3: Focus on MJ, still looking at the floor.
I still thought, like an idiot, that it was better if we were apart. Like I was doing something noble by staying away.
So I tried to move on.

Panel 4: MJ’s head is tilted toward Carlie, but still not looking at her.
He was a nice guy. We were together for a little while. But I never slept with him.
I mean, we slept in the same bed but –
I get it.

Panel 5: MJ has kind of a guilty smile.
He was so patient with me, so understanding. Perfectly willing to wait.
But I just couldn’t get over that big grinning idiot over there.
Yeah, I understand.

Panel 6: MJ and Carlie are both facing forward, smiling.
Of course you know, if you try to rekindle anything I’ll have to break your legs.
Goes without saying.
Nooooo it doesn’t.


Panel 1: Another shot panning across the room.

Panel 2: Peter stands on the other side of the room opposite J. Jonah Jameson and Robbie Robertson.
Peter m’boy, now that you’ve come to your senses on your wife, when am I going to see those pictures start pouring back into the Bugle?

Panel 3: Angle on Peter.
I don’t know Mr. Jameson. I kind of feel like I’m old enough now that I should have been chasing my dreams already instead of just doing something to make money.

Panel 4: Peter is preemptively soothing JJJ’s temper in case he offended him.
I mean, the Bugle’s been great to me over the years, don’t get me wrong.
But I started it as a high school job; it was never supposed to be my life.

Panel 5: Peter talks to himself almost as much as JJJ.
I just think I went to too much school to take pictures of Spider-Man the rest of my life.
Nonsense! The new kid can’t take a steady photograph to save his life! Clearly your schooling paid off!


Panel 1: Robbie is shaking Peter’s hand.
What Jonah means is good luck, and there’ll always be a place for you at the Daily Bugle if you want it.
We’re proud of you, Peter.
Thanks Robbie.

Panel 2: Flash Thompson has come up behind Peter and put his hand on Peter’s shoulder.
Hey Peter, am I interrupting anything?
He’s all yours Flash, Jonah and I were just heading to the bar.

Panel 3: JJJ leans over to whisper in Peter’s ear.
JJJ (whispering):
The drinks free, Parker?
PETER (whispering):

Panel 4: JJJ and Robbie are walking away, JJJ’s arm around Robbie’s shoulders.
Drinks are on me, Robbie!

Panel 5: Peter and Flash turn to each other with eyebrows raised.

Panel 6: Flash’s hand is on Peter’s shoulder, and the two bust out laughing, half doubled over.
PETER & FLASH (burst):

Panel 7: The two are straightening up, recovering, but still smiling.
Ha, heh, well that was a good ice breaker.
Why would you need an ice breaker, Flash?


Panel 1: Flash looks a little uncomfortable.
Well I just wanted to thank you for inviting me here.
I know I haven’t been the best friend to you lately.

Panel 2: Flash looks up, smiling a little bit.
I got my memory back, Pete.
I mean I still feel like there are a few holes in there, but the doctor told me I’d gradually get more back after I came out of the coma, and I’m finally pretty much whole again.

Panel 3: Peter hugs Flash, who looks a bit surprised.
Flash, that’s fantastic!

Panel 4: Peter is smiling ear to ear, happy for his friend, pulled out from the hug now.
Man, I’m so ashamed of the way I treated you when we were teaching at Midtown.
Well, I was teaching, you were coaching.

Panel 5: They are laughing again.
I think I remember why I gave you all those wedgies...

Panel 6: Peter puts his hand on Flash’s shoulder.
Seriously Flash, you were the best man at my wedding.
What happened to you wasn’t your fault. Don’t worry about things when you didn’t remember the past. We all made some mistakes.
I’m more than happy to put that behind us and get my friend back.

Panel 7: Thin panel across the bottom of the page panning back over the party.


Panel 1: MJ is standing at the buffet table alone now, with a glass of champagne in one hand, pecking over the food with the other, and smiling to herself. We see the form of a large man coming up behind her.

Panel 2: MJ is startled, as now we see Norman Osborn beside her, towering and imposing, wearing a tuxedo with a drink in one hand. He is smiling ominously.
Hello Mary Jane.

Panel 3: MJ is clearly scared, as Norman talks offhandedly as if he simply doesn’t care about her at all.
You know, now that I’m a big government hotshot by day, my nights have gotten very boring.
I have nothing but time to keep a close eye on our fair citizens.

Panel 4: Close on Norman as he leers at her.
And I’ve been keeping a close eye on you, Mary Jane.
All alone in your bed at night.
I’m terrified of what might happen to you, so defenseless while your husband is off playing superhero.

Panel 5: Norman gets very close to MJ, towering and smiling.
But don’t worry. Since Peter and I are such old friends, I’ll be there every time he’s not.
I’ll take good care of you.
You can go to bed every night knowing I’m out there.


Panel 1: MJ’s fear has turned to anger as she looks up at the large man.
You know, you do have a lot of history with my husband.
Remember that time he killed you? Good times.

Panel 2: Norman is laughing.
Hahaha, oh I remember that one.

Panel 3: He gets up close to her, whispering in her ear.
I believe you’re referring to the time I stole the love of his life out of her bedroom, took her up to the top of a bridge, and killed her.

Panel 4: With his face still close enough to hers to whisper and a slimy smile on his face, Norman runs a finger from her neck down to her chest.
Of course, I had her first.
I don’t think the experience would be complete without doing that again.

Panel 5: Peter, having just run over to them, is ripping Norman away from MJ.


Panel 1: Peter stands right in front of MJ, facing Norman. He is furious, but gloating.
Didn’t you get the memo, Norman?
I’m registered now. The big tough leader of the Thunderbolts can’t touch me.

Panel 2: Norman continues smiling as MJ clings to Peter’s back.
Oh I heard about your deal with Stark.
That’s why I came. I wanted to tell you in person –

Panel 3: As Norman stands there confident, we see an image of the Green Goblin mask over the right hand side of his face.
- just because Norman Osborn is drawing a paycheck from the president, don’t think the Green Goblin isn’t still a free agent.

Panel 4: As Norman backs away, he points a finger at MJ.
I’ll be seeing you very soon, my dear.

Panel 5: We see Norman’s back as he disappears into the crowd towards the doors.

Panel 6: As Peter is starting to run after him, MJ has hold of his arm.
Peter, no.


Panel 1: MJ has Peter turned to her and is hugging him tightly. We see her head resting against his chest, looking scared.
Stay with me.

Panel 2: We pull above them now, isolating them, showing the party from above.

Panel 3: Even farther up, we see the entire ballroom.

Panel 4: Ext. Night. Establishing shot of Norman Osborn’s mansion from the outside.
The Osborn Mansion.

Panel 5: Int. We see Norman in the doorway of the study holding his jacket with his tie undone. It is dark, and he is reaching for a light switch.

Panel 6: Norman has just turned on the light, still looking to the side, paying attention to nothing.
HARRY (op):
Father -


Panel 1: Harry Osborn is sitting in a large chair beside a dark fireplace. One leg is up resting on his knee, and his hands form a triangle in front of his face. He is completely relaxed.
- You have been a great disappointment to me.

Panel 2: Norman is frozen with his back to the wall, genuine surprise and fear on his face.
My – my son?

Panel 3: Norman, composing himself, stands straight, away from the wall, but still in wonderment.
My son.
How can - ?

Panel 4: Harry is standing to address his father, a cocky smile on his face.
Thanks to the only gift you’ve ever given me, Dad.
The ‘experimental’ Goblin Formula?

Panel 5: Norman is walking towards Harry, examining him with his eyes.
No, no that formula killed you.
They exhumed the body to make sure.


Panel 1: As Norman walks around him, examining every inch in wonder, Harry smiles.
Right, so they did.
But they didn’t finish the job.

Panel 2: Flashback. Scientists take scrapings for DNA from Harry’s apparently dead body after he’s been exhumed.
“They checked to make sure it was me.
But they didn’t check to make sure I was dead.”

Panel 3: The Present. Harry has turned to his father, leaning his head down to the level Norman is at to study him.
You made the formula better than you could ever have imagined.
But you didn’t account for the hibernation period.

Panel 4: Harry and Norman circle each other. Norman is astonished, and Harry is just playing with him.
Everybody thought I was having a bad reaction to the formula.
I was sweating, my mind was shutting down.
But my body was just getting itself ready to change.

Panel 5: Flashback. Harry is being put into an ambulance on a stretcher.
“I went into a state that mimicked death, and everyone wrote me off.”

Panel 6: Flashback. Harry’s funeral.
“But I wasn’t dead.
I was sleeping, evolving.”


Panel 1: Flashback. Harry’s grave.
“I laid in the ground for over a year. The change didn’t take that long, but I couldn’t wake up with no air down there.”

Panel 2: Flashback. Harry’s body is being exhumed as Ben Urich looks on.
“But when they brought me up and the air got back in my lungs, I started coming out of it.
If they had so much as checked my pulse they would have found it slow and weak, but steady.”

Panel 3: Flashback. Harry is bursting out of his grave.
“And once I was fully awake again, well, your formula gave me all I needed to get out of there.”

Panel 4: The present. Harry looks disgusted with his father.
But I came back to find you still alive!

Panel 5: Norman sits back in the chair Harry was in as Harry spits fury at him.
All those years I was lost and wandering without a father, you were out there!
And you were raising another family!


Panel 1: Norman stands up, putting on the face of the old Norman again.
You were a lost cause, boy.
Gabriel and Sarah were still young, still had potential.

Panel 2: Harry screams at his unmoving father.
My whole life, my whole life you never bothered to find out what potential I had!
You barely even looked at me!

Panel 3: Norman gets in Harry’s face, scowling.
And how could I, when you were such a disappointment?

Panel 4: Harry pulls back, collecting himself.
I’m the disappointment, Dad?
What have you done since you came back from the dead?
You’ve squandered the legacy I tried so hard to hold up.

Panel 5: Harry looks almost incredulous as he questions his father’s actions.
A botched attempt to replace Peter with a clone?
Pretending to kill his aunt, only to give her back later?
Getting exposed?
And what about running a government operated team of emo supercriminals?

Panel 6: Harry looks furious. His face is seething.
And those twins…

Panel 7: Norman tries to cast off everything with a dismissive look.
What, are you going to whine about me not being around agai –


Panel 1: Harry screams in Norman’s face.
HARRY (burst):
You slept with Gwen!!!

Panel 2: Norman laughs at him.
Actually, there wasn’t much sleeping…

Panel 3: Harry slams Norman against the wall by his neck.
I loved her!!!

Panel 4: Harry has let his hand go limp, looking down, grief stricken.
It was always Gwen I…
Even with Liz, it was Gwen….

Panel 5: Harry pulls back, looking up at Norman with a calm anger ready to boil over.
And you raped her.
And you killed her.
All other women I ever loved were just proxies for her

Panel 6: Norman explodes at Harry unexpectedly.
And what did you do to the only woman I ever loved, you bastard?!


Panel 1: Harry explodes right back at Norman, shutting him up.
HARRY (burst):
Mom didn’t die in childbirth, damn it!

Panel 2: Norman stands back, stunned. Harry cries.
She lived on for years after I was born.
People think your psychoses started with the Goblin Formula, but you started rewriting your own reality long before that.

Panel 3: Harry walks away, turning his back to his father.
Was it all to get back at me for thinking I killed her?
The abuse, the neglect, bedding and killing the only woman I ever really loved?

Panel 4: Norman stands there stunned. We can see his mind breaking on his face.
It’s not true…it’s not true…it’s not true…it’s not…hehehehehehe…

Panel 5: Norman looks up with a psychotic, twisted smile on his face.
Oh, you made a mistake, little boy.
What, did you think you would come back and take it from me?

Panel 6: Harry looks back with a smirk.
Take what?


Panel 1: Norman’s smile directly mirrors that of his Goblin mask. He has clearly lost it.
The Green Goblin, you little ingrate!
You pretended to be me while I was gone, but you’re not going to come back and take it now!

Panel 2: Norman lunges forward at Harry in madness.

Panel 3: Harry smiles with one hand raised.

Panel 4: Close up on Harry’s hand. Flames are forming around it and gathering in the center.

Panel 5: Full body shot of Harry as he has his hand pulled back with a fireball in the center.


Panel 1: Full page. Harry has hurled the fireball at Norman, who is midair with flames spreading all over him.


Panel 1: Norman is on the ground, burned badly.
Ah, ah….I’m the Green Goblin…I’m…Green..ah…rrrrrrr

Panel 2: Harry is over at a suit of armor sitting beside the wall, taking the sword from it.
Yes, Father. You’re the Green Goblin.

Panel 3: Harry is walking towards the whimpering Norman, who has flames around him, with the broadsword in his hand.
I’ve evolved past you.

Panel 4: Harry has the sword around Norman’s neck, talking over Norman’s shoulder into his ear.
I’m The Goblin King.


Panel 1: Full page. Harry has the bloody sword up at his side, having just cut off Norman’s head, which he holds in his other hand. The body is crumpled on the floor.
Heal from that.


Panel 1: Int. Peter and Mary Jane’s hotel room. It is a very nice room, and the shot focuses on the bed. The two are laying on it, facing each other, half under the sheet. MJ has her hands between her face and the pillow, and Peter has his arms around her. She looks nervous, and he looks sympathetic.

Panel 2: The same.
I know what kind of man you are, and I’ve always loved you for that.
I do love you for that.

Panel 3: MJ casts her head away a little in shame for even saying this.
But we both know that means you’re never going to stop him.

Panel 4: Close on MJ.
Because Norman Osborn is never going to stop as long he’s alive.

Panel 5: Peter holds her in tightly to him.
He’s never going to stop...he’ll never stop…


Panel 1: Ext. Night. The old Duplex that Harry, Liz, Peter, and MJ used to share.
“I don’t think there’s anybody that can stop him.”

Panel 2: The dark staircase inside, as we’re moving up through the house. We can see a light upstairs.
“And I don’t think I’d want to meet the person that could.”

Panel 3: In the upstairs hallway, the light is coming from a door further up.
HARRY (op):
There we go.

Panel 4: We’re right outside the doorway now. The room is Harry’s study.
HARRY (op):
You should be comfortable there.


Panel 1: Full page. Inside far enough now to see everything. A fire is raging in the fireplace, and Harry sits in a chair directly in front of it. The broadsword rests against the arm of the chair. There is a mantle above the fireplace with Norman’s severed, burned head sitting on top of it. Harry talks to it as he used to talk to Norman’s painting.
Now I can start my work, Dad.
I’ve protected the Osborn legacy from you.
And I’ll honor it.
I’ll make you proud.
I’m going to break him.
I just have a few more loose ends to take care of first.

NEXT MONTH: “Spider-Man Black” begins! It’s part 1 of Crawl Space’s first full arc, and the gang’s all here. Killshot returns, and you’re about to meet “The Faceless Man” who hired him to kill Aunt May. Who is he, or more importantly, who was he? And worse yet, who is his mysterious employer? All that plus: Norman Osborn is dead, but he’s still got a surprise up his sleeve!

*This issue’s soundtrack: I think this is going to be a regular feature for Spider-Man: Crawl Space. Just because I didn’t use any song lyrics this time doesn’t mean there isn’t something I can recommend to go along with this story. I would say this issue (specifically pages 19-29) is best enjoyed alongside “What Do I Have to Do?” by Stabbing Westward. A great song about longing for love from someone who will never give it to you, and iconically Harry Osborn.


Please visit this issue's discussion thread!

And look below to see the character design process for The Goblin King!

Continue to: Spider-Man: Crawl Space #2.5 - Valentine's Day Special
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"The ground quakes and the heavens cry tears of blood when Kevin gives out his brand of Crawlspace justice. Babies cry, grown men avert their eyes, women pass out and even the wind gives pause. Kevin’s eyes glow and lightning crackles around them. It’s pretty epic and definitely not for the timid." - Michael Bailey

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Crawl Space #2 Bonus Material!

Post by Kevin Cushing » Tue Oct 21, 2008 6:23 pm

From Green Goblin to Goblin King: Redesigning Harry Osborn

Ok, here's something else you rarely get in a regular comic, and never get for free! As promised, I've got the six sketches done on the journey to The Goblin King by Scott Larson, with limited commentary by yours truly.

This was the first sketch. My only instruction to Scott was "Draw what you think of when you hear 'Goblin King,' knowing Harry's in the costume."


While pretty cool, that one was just too close to the Green Goblin for me. I decided the problem was the cap, so I just erased it in MS Paint and sent this off to Scott. He rightly pointed out "You know that looks like The Jackal, right?" D'oh!


So, not wanting the Goblin King to be, well, a dead villain, I asked Scott to come up with some kind of something to put on his head, though not a crown because we both knew that would look ridiculous.


Well I finally decided it just wasn't working for me in this form. So I took a couple of days to think about what I really did want, and came up with the basic physical description that ended up being the Goblin King. While this homage to Spectacular #200 is clearly pretty awesome, I felt it would be better if, the first time people saw this design, they saw it from the front and uncrumpled. And something about the hood was still bugging me. Also, the smoke under his feet is just a place holder Scott put in since we still haven't decided on any kind of glider for him.


So, this one is where it was finally nailed. Scott solved the problem with all the space between his head and the hood by inserting ear slits and I thought it was finally perfect.


And this is the first rough color palate.


So, after a long design process where Scott was way overly patient with me, we had our Goblin King. The next thing I saw was the finalized cover, and you all know how badass that looks. To complete the journey from A to...well to G, here is the final cover for your viewing pleasure.


I hope you guys enjoyed this little look into the process of character design on Spider-Man: Crawl Space!
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"The ground quakes and the heavens cry tears of blood when Kevin gives out his brand of Crawlspace justice. Babies cry, grown men avert their eyes, women pass out and even the wind gives pause. Kevin’s eyes glow and lightning crackles around them. It’s pretty epic and definitely not for the timid." - Michael Bailey


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