SDCC Spider-Man Panel: THAT sounds familiar...

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SDCC Spider-Man Panel: THAT sounds familiar...

Post by Kevin Cushing » Mon Jul 26, 2010 10:00 am

In reading the live coverage of Marvel's Spider-Man panel at SDCC yesterday, I ran into a couple of bits of info that sounded...familiar. Now, this isn't me editorializing on Marvel reusing old ideas. What I mean is, I saw a couple of major things I have planned for the future of Crawl Space announced in the Amazing Spider-Man panel.

So, rather than just have these things pop up and let you think "Dude, he totally ripped that off," I thought it might be a good idea to go ahead and clear the air and let you know what tidbits will be coming at you in Crawl Space as well.

*Carnage Limited Series in October

Carnage will be returning in Crawl Space as well, during the second 'year' of stories. I agree with Zeb Wells that Cletus Kassidy is dead. Carnage got ripped in half in space, which the symbiote can survive but Kassidy can't. So Carnage will return with a new host, who is not similar at all to the new female host they're talking about for Marvel. I think you guys will be happy with this one.

*Hobgoblin is Coming Back

I've talked about this one before, so you should already know I'll be bringing in a Hobgoblin as well. Tentatively scheduled for Crawl Space #22-24 is a 3-part arc tentatively titled "Hobgoblin Rising." (It's all tentative because it's still a little bit out and I don't want to lock myself into not being able to change my mind if a thought strikes me.) I can confirm two things: He will not be carrying a flaming sword, and he will be riding a glider. No Zelda-influence on this Goblin.

*Mac Gargan will return as the Scorpion

Yep. Didn't really wanna give that one up yet, but since it's the exact same announcement, it's better you know.

*More gadgets for Spidey like impact webbing.

Well, you've already seen Spidey using impact webbing and stingers in this arc. No plans to keep them around once he gets his powers (and so his organic webshooters) back, but hey, just thought I should say.

*Also expect a return of the Sinister Six.

Not exactly, but kinda sorta. The second arc of year two, running from #16-21, is titled "Six."
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Re: SDCC Spider-Man Panel: THAT sounds familiar...

Post by FSUSpiderFan » Mon Jul 26, 2010 10:34 am

Well they are good ideas but I bet you execute them better. Now the trick is you getting them out before they do... :mrgreen:

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