Another great article JR

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Another great article JR

Post by Bevie » Mon Jan 07, 2008 8:50 pm


Emailed you a couple of times and we had a little back and forth some time ago. You probably don't remember but I signed myself Spidey's oldest lady fan or something like that. We both were not fond of Ultimate Spidey and I gave you the issue in which Spidey put a warning light on his web shooters. I had to share that honour with another though. Haha! I was so proud!

Your article was great as usual. In one spot though, I think you used the word 'scared' instead of 'sacred'. LOL

Is there no hope for us at all? I keep trying to think that maybe this will all go away like the clone saga did.

Anyway, if it doesn't, I hope you know that you will just have to write your articles a little bit faster to keep my Spider appetite filled. Really, I appreciate what you do on your site so very much. If you put them all in a book I'd buy it in a second.

So until and if this mess is RETCONNED again, I'll stick with Spider-Girl and Stan's newspaper strip as those are the only places now to find the true responsible Peter Parker that I love dearly. :evil:

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Post by George Berryman » Tue Jan 08, 2008 12:16 pm

In case ya missed it he answered ya in the SKB Update - One More Day post :)
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Post by taechunsa » Tue Jan 08, 2008 4:06 pm

JR excellent post on OMD. That was exactly what I needed.

I determined a long time ago that when the marriage ended I was leaving Marvel again. Well, it has ended and so has my buying of Marvel comics, but as you pointed out, maybe that is what they want.

Besides the praise for an exceptionally well written article. I did want to point out that Marvel is making a great deal of money off of its movies. By my rough calculations they made more money off of the last three Spider-Man movies then off of all Spider-Man comics ever sold. So, I do completely agree with you that Marvel execs could for the most part care less about the publishing branch. In many ways it might even be a detriment to their business.

So, excellent article. I will keep an eye on your website despite no longer reading Spidey. It is a well written site with very entertaining articles.

Besides, I have to have some way of knowing if Marvel fixes this mess.

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