Spider-Man 3 Review Part 2

Discuss your thoughts on the articles written by J.R. Fettinger from the www.spideykicksbutt.com website.

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Post by The Black Cat » Wed Dec 19, 2007 6:29 pm

Great read as usual, Fettinger!

You and my husband share a soft spot for Urusula, for sure...he's always liked her as a character. There was a time we thought she was the "black cat" in hiding...that she would turn out to be the Felicia/Black Cat somehow. Obviously that is not the case.

I would say that they can still do Felicia Hardy/black cat and manage not to create the "catwoman" mnemonic at the same time. I guess to make it work, like I mentioned earlier in the year, that they can take a NYC based "It" girl/socialite type that would evoke Paris Hilton or someone like that (but maybe cast Scarlett Johanssen and not the real Paris Hilton, lol!) and turn her into the naughty/bad girl who leads a double life and gets into street fights or capers because her real life is so jaded/vapid that she's trying to feel alive another way. She crosses spiderman because she's in a fight where she is clearly in over her head...secretly she's thrilled because she has always admired his tighty whities but at the same time she's peeved at for butting in her fight...this has roots in the spectacular issues so while not following the canon that close, its close enough and should put distance between her and Catwoman. It can all go downhill from there (plus creating some tantalizing spidey/bc encounters!)
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Post by BertoneBeatle » Wed Dec 19, 2007 6:57 pm

I would want to kill every ametuer fanboy and critic who says "Oh they are ripping off Catwoman...LAME!"

Just like when Spider-Man 2 came out and they said Peter giving up his powers for his love is a rip off of Superman II.


Sorry..I'm done

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Post by Somebody » Tue Dec 25, 2007 11:28 pm

I'd disagree with you on the Chameleon - Kraven, sure, no way can he work without a reinvention to the point there's nothing left - but I think the Chameleon could work in a similar context to the Scarecrow from Batman Begins: not the main villain, but someone who's around, perhaps working for the main villain, replacing people to do stuff as a to set up the main villain's Master Plan.

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Post by shakymits » Thu Dec 27, 2007 10:46 am

I guess I drank the hater-rade...because that movie was horrible IMO

But I guess it did have a few redeemable qualities...like Gwen Stacy (who hopefully will take Kirsten Dunst bad acting and unattractive place in the next films)

Just tell me how you can justify Spiderman being so popular to the masses,

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Post by MsMarvel1 » Fri Dec 28, 2007 9:40 am

Yikes. I didn't realize I was the only one who hated movie!Gwen. (And that surprised me, because I liked Bryce in that dorky "The Village" movie.)

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Post by SheriffOfCoffeeTown » Fri Dec 28, 2007 12:16 pm

A friend of mine who's primary Spidey-reading is Ultimate Spider-Man postulated that Gwen would become the knife-wielding bad ass she is in that book in an upcoming sequel, after being bonded with the Carnage symbiote a la Ultimate Clone Saga.

I can't say I'm entirely opposed to the idea.

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Post by OsGob27 » Mon Jan 07, 2008 1:40 pm

Spider-Man 1 is still my favorite. It was the perfect balence for me, and made me fall in love with the Green Goblin in any costume.

I enjoyed Spider-Man 2 and 3 almost as much, but I honestly don't know if I would have enjoyed them as much had I not read the novelizations first. The novelizations fleshed out most of the story for me, and kicked on my "the movie will be different from the book so I can forgive inconsistancies more" mode.

I have to come to the defense of Kirstin Dunst. I have always been a fan since she was kid and I have to admit to harboring a minor crush on her (and before you label me a letch, I'll have you know that she's four years my senior). So she's no Kate Hepburn, but I think she's a hell of a lot better than most of you are giving her credit for.

Like I said, the novelizations fleshed out Mary Jane's motives and thoughts, and I thought Kirstin played it at the very least adaquitely. Enough so that I hope to see her in many movies to come, if more movies come. I can't see anyone else in the role now.

I recently watched all three in a row, and paid close attention to Kirstin, and I found that, indeed, in the first movie she did have a bubbly party-girl demeanor in front of her clique in High School (albeit somewhat subdued). In the second and third she was a little more comfortable so she let the mask down, although like anyone she's left herself vulnerable and she knows it and fears it.

And I notice that even though MJ does seem to keep getting captured (I wish they had left in a line from the third book where she screams to no one in particular "Do I have 'BAIT' written on my forehead?! Is there a 'Capture Me' sign on my back?!"), she's not completely inactive in the sequels. She rushes Ock with a rather large piece of wood (though Ock sees her first and knocks her out of the way) and plasters Venom with a cinderblock.

To me, the only thing annoying about Kirstin is they have her scream too much, and that's more the fault of the writers and/or director. As for her singing in 3, I will say that I didn't think it was her at first eaither. It sounded so different. But once I found out that it was indeed her, I was impressed. Really impressed. I thought her voice was beautiful. Not an amazing set of pipes, I don't think I'd put her in a musical, but she has a really classical quality to her voice. What I mean by that is she sounds like she stepped out of a 1940's nightclub. I'll admit it made me melt.

Another thing I have to defend is the Venom voice. I thought Topher Grace was perfect (and I like that interpretation better than the comics one). Yes I wish he had spoken more in-mask, and he had some perfect lines in the book for that which were cut in the film. But I enjoyed what I got. Plus, I notice that Venom is falling into the Green Goblin's "his mouth doesn't move" trap. For the record, if you look closely, you can see Willem's mouth moving in the Goblin mask (which makes it funny in some scenes where the director assumed you couldn't and didn't bother to lip-synch replacement audio), and also if you listen closely you can hear that Venom's voice is deeper when in-mask. It still sounds like Topher, but it's unnatural and not quite right, which to me is perfect.

Other than that, there are four things from the novilizations that I wish they had kept in the movies:

1. It's not that important, but in the first book there was this cool discussion of heroes between Norman and JJ that chronologically takes place right before the spider-bite. It was just a veyr nice peice of development on Jonah.

2. Character development for John Jameson. Especially when he gets MJ's Dear John letter at the alter, and everyone is freaking out, and then John goes into this speech:

"Ladies and gentlemen! Ladies and Gentlemen, please...settle...down. Folks...there's...there are some people I would have liked to have had here today...who won't be. One of them, as it turns out, and I think many of you have figured out, is the bride. But there are others, freinds of mine, who went on missions and never came back. Missions that failed over some fault that...well, that went undetected. And sometimes it even seemed as if good judgement was overridden in order to have the mission go forward, and corners were cut, because no one wanted to wind up looking bad. What I'm saying is that sometimes things...well, they don't feel quite right, and it's far better to abort the mission and risk looking bad than have the mission go down in flames. That's not being gutless, that's just good sense."

Ain't that the truth.

3. Sandman's story arc was cut terribly short for that film. I would have loved to see him make his sand castle and have his daughter turn him to the side of angels at the end, no matter how depressing the thought of her grim acceptance is.

4. I know there were going to be kids in the audience so they couldn't do this, but I felt that Venom's demise should have been closer to the book: That the symbiote had bonded so completely with Eddie that when Spider-Man forced it off with the vibrating metal rods, there was nothing left of Eddie but a smoking skeleton. I thought that would have carried a lot more weight than having Eddie rescued whole only to jumo back in.

Finally, I think that they shouldn't make any more Spider-Man movies unless they come up with a really good story. I suggested something really cool with the Hobgoblin, but that would be Goblin overkill for all but us most die-hard Goblin cult member. I'd like to see Bruce Campbell as Mysterio, given his appearing in a different part each time, and I'd kind of like to see The Lizard. Again, though, no movie without a knockout story.

And I think that's all for right now.
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