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Re: April 2017 Podcast: Ask the Gang A Question

Post by tnr105 » Sun Apr 09, 2017 1:38 am

For JR: I asked George this on the front page, but I'm also curious as to what your thoughts on the matter are.

Obviously we weren't going to go back to the Osborns again on film, but in a perfect world... do you think you'd prefer it if Michael Keaton was playing Norman?

While the question itself is rather short and to the point, I do have some reasoning behind it, which Brad doesn't have to read on air.
Instead of Ganke!Ned, you could have Harry as the best pal and confidante. BD argued that previously argued that he's needed, that in today's world he'd have at least one friend, while George rebutted that part of what Peter compelling is that he had no one to confide in.

If Harry were to die in a battle between Spidey and the Goblin, wouldn't that be a way to have the cake and eat it too? Norman would have a personal reason to hate Peter, even if it was his own fault. Peter would have a reason NOT to have a close friend with whom he trusts his secret.

Again, we all know they weren't/wouldn't want for them to go back to the Osborn well so soon after ASM2. In a perfect world, where we wouldn't have to worry about that, though?

We haven't seen the film yet, so we can't say if this armchair writing would be better... but consider this: If you Stark still was in the film, you'd have a chance of seeing Norman kick his ass.

I do have concede to George that a good writer could make the Vulture a Sinister threat, and that Keaton as an actor looks to be the best part of this. I'm sure he'll do a great job as Vulture, but I have to wonder if that's the best use for him.

The MCU really hasn't had a reoccurring villain aside from Loki, and hasn't had a sinister villain since Robert Redford in Captain America 2. I just imagine what someone like Keaton could do as Norman across multiple films, and it makes me long for something I know we won't be getting.
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Re: April 2017 Podcast: Ask the Gang A Question

Post by Frickin_clown_shoes » Sun Apr 09, 2017 11:58 pm

To the gang: with how horribly downhill the stories at Marvel are going, is it possible to save the Marvel Universe with both a widescale reboot and complete change of regieme?

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Re: April 2017 Podcast: Ask the Gang A Question

Post by Aziz » Wed Apr 12, 2017 6:41 am

Batman 66 had the animated film to celebrate its 50th anniversary. I want one for the 67 Spider-Man cartoon, do you?
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Are movies like, a new religion or something? Someone who hates and pokes fun at a popular movie is considered blasphemous or a wrong doer? Made a mistake that is not supposed to happen? Seriously?

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Re: April 2017 Podcast: Ask the Gang A Question

Post by ItsMichaelReid » Wed Apr 12, 2017 5:02 pm

To JR,

Do you think Harry should finally learn Peter's secret again? I mean it'll finally give Harry an actual purpose in the books beyond the whole "Goblin being my daddy" and "Is he the Goblin again?" schtick he's had since he's been revived. With him knowing he can back Pete up, question his motives can defend himself, the drama of him having to lie to his already broken remains of his family like Liz and Normie, and lastly it will be nice to see Norman worked up over Harry knowing if he ever finds out since Norman still doesnt remember Pete's identity. Also Pete can finally have another person besides Ann Marie that he can talk to that's not a superhero.
Harry Osborn should've stayed alive while Norman should be pushing up Daisies. :twisted:


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