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Post by MadGoblin » Wed Mar 28, 2007 12:19 am

OsGob27 wrote:Oh, one other thing.

Several times during your Hobgoblin series, you refer to his costume as being orange and black. Yet every picture I've seen from the comics, every toy I've bought and/or seen in the store, and the rendering in Spider-Man TAS has his costume colered orange and blue.

Is one of us colorblind, or was the blue in the first appearence supposed to be highlighting black and all the artists after Frenz made a mistake?
For some reason, I thought I read somewhere that the HobGoblin's costume was really orange and black. I think if you look at the first story (ASM #238 - which I don't have in front of me - plus I think Romita Jr was the first to draw Hobby), it's somewhere in the middle. Plus, black and orange are true Halloween colors. As far as why it doesn't look black - if I did read the "orange and black" reference correctly (if it existed and isn't just my imagination) the reason could be why in the "old" days, Venom often had blue or purple highlights, and Spidey's black costume would have blue soles - because it would have been harder to give pure black texture or dimension. Of course, that doesn't explain the toys, though.

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Post by OsGob27 » Fri Mar 30, 2007 8:49 pm

I assumed it was Frenz since my understanding was that Roger Stern liked working with him the most.

So, it's probably a question of other artists taking blue highlights as blue base color after the initial appearence and the notion stuck, because it's definitely a grayish-blue in that one "Hobgoblin Lives" panel that makes an homage to ASM #39.
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Post by ScarletSpider1138 » Sat Apr 05, 2008 11:22 pm

A correction to the Table of Contents: One More Day is listed as being part of Year In Review 2006, the title of the article on the page being "Spider-Man 2006: One More Day", but One More Day is a 2007 story! (and late 2007 at that!)

Thus it should be Spider-Man 2007: One More Day, or just "Spider-Man: One More Day" (the Marvel Knights article isn't "Spider-Man 2004: Shush" after all!)

And man, I just realised that we got absolutely no post Civil War arcs dealing with those consequences. I mean, really Aunt May was shot at the end of War at Home, and then Back in Black was more of just filler really until we got One More Day. And then, bam! Reboot. Huh, just one arc between CW and it's retcon. That must be some kind've new record.
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